Service Categories

The Statistical consultancy & advisory centre

The statistical consultancy & advisory centre of the Simplex Research & Consulting provide consulting and support in matters of statistics, data management, data analysis and data interpretation.

We distinguish

  1. Statistical consulting

  2. Support with statistical analyses

  3. Support with data management

  4. Editorial support (proposals, manuscripts and reports)

We provide methodological advice in matters of

  • Study design and power calculation

  • Planning of data collection

  • Development of software tools for data collection

  • Development of data bases

  • Data management and cleaning

  • Choice of adequate statistical methods

  • Statistical analysis

  • Interpretation of results

The Training centre
Research & Survey Services centre
Baseline & Impact Assessments/ Evaluations Centre

Why Us?

Quality Control & Field

We invest in a highly qualified team and enough staff who are always supported by extra personnel whenever any need arises. We have special mechanisms to counter-check the information gathered with the exact findings from the field. Our clients are also given an opportunity to examine the approach and methodology and how the findings were obtained.

Our prospective clients

We focus on all service oriented companies; irrespective of what services they offer. Are you an NGOs, a Government institutions, universities, telecommunication companies, manufacturing companies, research institutions, researchers and scientists? Let's work together.

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