Our Vision

To be the leading research firm and consulting service provider to the local and global clients

Our Mission

Our vision is to be the number one firm people consult for the highest quality of research and other consultancies globally.

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Corporate Values

  • Team work with explorers and thinkers – we work together to achieve common goals

  • Professionalism - Integrity as we adhere to the industry code of ethics

  • Quality in our task performance and deliverables

  • Results oriented within the framed timeline and budgeted resources

  • Innovative and customer oriented on in our operations - Simplex utilizes proven analytics with innovative approaches to meet the needs of the clients

  • Partnerships – we engage with other research institutions with minds of our interest

  • Respect for all the clients (diversity) - equal treatments for all our clients


The firm has a team of competent, multi-talented members of diverse backgrounds, who are highly qualified experts with sufficient and relevant experience in handling diverse research projects and consultancies.

The Management Team

The management team consists of the Research Director and Director Operations for Simplex.

Simplex Research and Consulting Ltd has a full time consultant staff of around 12 staff in the various disciplines as mentioned above and some 15-20 close associates. In addition to this, the company has a vast network and database of consultants in Kenya and the East African region.

Simplex Research and Consulting Ltd operates a full-fledged office in Nairobi with necessary support staff (one accountant and 1 office manager) and equipment. The office also has a board room.

The office is responsible for all back-up support for the assignments the company has been implementing over the past years. The support staff has a track record on organizing workshops on a turn-key basis, as well as ensuring all logistics related to complicated assignments with the consultants.

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